We are the go-to for pre-emptive data protection advisory and compliance, as well as legal support in breach notification, with focus on cloud security amidst digital transformation across various industries.

The role of information technology has accelerated in in all aspects of human life through software-enabled solutions, such as cloud computing, data analytics and artificial intelligence alongside the acceleration of digital transformation in various industries and rise of the metaverse.

Amidst these technological advances, risks and challenges with respect to processing of data, especially those, which are personal in nature, have likewise grown. These risks require robust data protection and cybersecurity.

At HMS Law, we support data-driven organisations through pre-emptive data protection advisory and compliance, as well as providing guidance in the event of data breach events both at the legal, regulatory and operational levels.

We stay connected with the latest developments in data protection and cybersecurity to always be a step ahead in providing value to our clients by assisting with legislative and industry developments in Asia and the world.

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